Contract Automation: How to Thrive in an Automated World 


The next big thing is here!

According to Forbes, 38% of enterprises are already using AI technologies, and 62% will use AI technologies by 2018.

The rise of AI points a spotlight at the need for integrating intelligent technologies into our business processes -- particularly around contracts. Creating effective automation rules is a necessity, as contracts are a critical component of business but are complex to create, difficult to negotiate, time-consuming to manage, and often create bottlenecks and slow-downs. Poor contract management can lead to lost work time (or more time spent on administrative, trivial tasks), slow contract and business cycles, longer time to revenue, loss of control, and greater risk.

The accumulated effect of these problems has a very real effect on your bottom line. Join us live to:

  • Prepare for contract automation in order to maximize efficiency. 
  • Learn what maturity is and its impact on revenue growth.
  • Understand why companies are implementing intelligent automation.
  • Realize the cost-savings and benefits of automation.
Automation is coming to your world - are you ready? Join Doug Rybacki, Conga VP of Product Management, Marilyn Salyer, Conga Sr. Solutions Engineer, and Tim Cummins, IACCM CEO, for a discussion on tips and tricks to thrive in tomorrow's automated world.


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